Monday, June 19, 2006

Web spies, your words are being watched, carefully.

Help Me Gauge Your Concern and Answer the simple Question to the Left on this Page. Do you feel threatened by the "Big Brother" tactics of business in cyberspace?

Since last Thursday, I've been talking again about the web monitoring practices of Big Business/Brother. Those who've read my blog over the last week and a half may remember that Chip Griffin, CEO of NetVocates, personally responded to a blog entry I made and I posted his comment, unedited in my blog's main page.

Since then, I've researched and found a mountain of information about business and its practices with regard to internet Monitoring. I've shown you a glimpse of an entire industry of web monitoring, including the frightening language used by some in the industry like Blue State Digital who claim to be able to create "evangelists" for brands, campaigns and who knows what else.

I've shown you a group of bloggers who've felt the pressure of the eyes peering over their shoulder. And it isn't just bloggers, I showed you BRANDSHADOW (TM) who boldly says that message boards can be and ARE monitored.

All of this is important. We take our freedoms for granted. But other people, well armed with information and packing serious cash, understand that freedom plus money equals more power than one small voice in cyberspace.

So I'm asking this one favor, spread the word about this. These companies FEAR BAD PUBLIC RELATIONS. Everything they do for monitoring is designed to prevent bad press. Image is everything. Some bloggers are saying that they've been targeted for nasty attacks.

I don't know who has done what, but I do know that a machine that is designed to counterattack at the first hint of negative press, is a machine that will crush the average person. See for yourself. Copy the information and pass it along.

We don't have the money to compete with any merchants of disinformation or spin. But we do have each other. Please take a moment to answer my question to your left. I will use your answers to decide if I should keep digging.

Thanks for your time. And please, remember to shine a light on these people. They prefer not to be in the spotlight, but it's the least free-minded people can do for them.

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