Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muslims You'll Never See On Television

I'm going to do some shop talking and it's going to include some harsh words for the right wing media, so if that bothers you, then go read something that includes a person willing to take a great personal risk to denounce specific acts of terrorism. I am sick and tired of hearing one right wing clone after another complain that we "never hear Muslim people denounce specific acts of violence." That's bull, and I'm beginning to worry that it may be a symptom of a very large group of media ignoring some important facts.

At one point in my interview with her, Deeyah denounces SEVEN (7) specific acts of terrorism. I've contacted media outlets accross America and the silence in response has been deafening. Not a word from any of them about this courageous woman, willing to risk her life to denounce terror. I've tried everything to get people to see what she is doing. This is sad.

I wonder, if it were terror against American women, whether or not it would still be ignored. I don't think so. I am ashamed of the response in America to such an important gesture. I am seriously rethinking how I feel about what I see, hear and read in America. Read it for yourself and see if at the end you want to sign the petition. I bet you will.

Muslims You'll Never See On Television


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