Friday, June 16, 2006

More than NetVocates, Web Spin Doctors want THEIR message out

More than a few people are posting about Netvocates, Like Deconsumption, Peak Energy, Blanton and Ashton's - Article II Section 4, Cybersoc, and many more, just do a Google blog search. There's more to this than meets the eye.

Ever wonder just which version of the story you embrace? After digging into Netvocates, I discovered a deep network of people and organizations dedicated to "controlling the conversation" online and in the media. Consider an agenda item from a Spin Project "SPIN Academy" schedule:

"In the era of blogs and, online communications can serve your organization with cost-effective outreach strategies. Learn how to integrate your email lists, web site and other communications tools to communicate a consistent message. This workshop will cover aspects of strategic online communications, and present case studies of successful efforts in this area."

But the complaints about Netvocates revolve around the intelligence gathering aspect of what they do (And the trolls who people report that seem to tag along, more on that in another post). Enter BrandShadow (TM) - a service that specializes in, well, shadowing. Try these quotes from their site:

"From online news to message boards; user groups to the ever-growing blog landscape; Brand Shadow’s proprietary spider technology conducts online brand surveillance "

"Brand Shadow captures intelligence about how the web speaks about your brand, offerings, customer service and more. The technology performs comprehensive keyword searches across digital text files for any combination of verbiage with brand terms, taglines, trademarks that may or may not be used in the appropriate context."

and on an ominous note:

"Threats will arise no matter what. But rather than be reactive, take a proactive stand and identify possible threats before they become a reality."

But the most open, full frontal service right on Google page 1 is CyberALert which makes these claims:

"To automatically monitor blogs, you specify a customized search profile with your own key words or phrases. CyberAlert's proprietary blog monitoring technology then automatically searches every day to find, "clip" and report new mentions of your key words in hundreds of thousands of blogs each day."

And then -

"The CyberAlert blog monitoring service then delivers to you via e-mail a daily report containing only new citations written by bloggers during the previous 24 hours."

So CyberAlert has you covered. So who is CyberAlert? Read here, but it isn't NetVocates. In fact, Netvocates seems to be only one fish in this aquarium of big brother and corporate America.

I'll post more tomorrow. Just be aware that while some may think NetVocates is a big fish, there ARE REAL sharks swimming in these waters. And they want to monitor, manipulate or control the conversation, depending on the brand and company. They say so. See further blog posts for more information.

More than NetVocates, Web Spin Doctors want THEIR message out


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