Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Honor Killing" Bloodbath continues

As if you don't have enough reasons to sign the petition asking the United Nations to enforce resolution 48/104, we thought we'd add this week's newest reason.

"'Honor killing' caught on tape:

"A 26-year-old resident of Ramle was indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday on charges of murdering his 24-year-old sister Miriam by stabbing her 29 times.

Basel Abu-Dahal was caught on tape by security cameras at a parking lot of Bank Hapoalim in Ramle two weeks ago. In the footage, he is seen stabbing his sister while passers-by witness the act and do nothing. He is then seen calmly walking away carrying the knife (see images).

According to the indictment, Abu-Dahal, a former felon, stabbed his sister with a 23-centimeter knife. In his interrogation, he admitted to the stabbing, claiming he perpetrated the crime because of what he claimed was the improper way in which his sister had raised her daughter."
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He stabbed his sister twenty-nine (29) times because he didn't like the way she was raising her daughter. This has to stop. May Miriam rest in peace.

Please sign the petition.

Photo Credit: Basel Abu-Dahal is seen leavnig the scene of the crime while still carrying the knife in his left hand. Photo: Channel 10 Jerusalem Post


At 02:14, Blogger Kat said...

These are crazy. The sad thing is, they've been going on forever under our noses and no one said a thing about it until now.

It was just considered, what might be the best oxymoron yet, a normal aberration. In otherwords, murder is murder so why talk about the motive?

Well, who'd of thunk that whole cultures think it's okay to kill someone for the amount of hair they have showing?

At 17:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it be out of order to mention the relaunch of this website:


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