Monday, June 26, 2006

Here's one for the books, a 25 minute speech on WLKF Radio by Yours Truly

Now, I've done radio and television interviews a bunch of times. I did a TV interview waist deep in a small inlet. One radio interview I did almost got me stopped at the airport (no kidding), when I got back to the V.I. after I went to Washington to ask the Feds to cut funding to the government until they cleaned up sewage spills everywhere.

But I had a first yesterday when I was set to do an interview on WLKF Radio to discuss Per Contra's petition to the United Nations to get them to enforce resolution 48/104.

Going in, we lost the HOST to a technical difficulty. The board op comes over the phone to me and says: "We have to fill 45 minutes, you're on in 10 seconds." A 10 second warning that I'd have to do a 45 minute monologue! Wow.

Hey, I did 25 minutes without dead air which is a personal best. Then I passed out. Just kidding. I hope the upcoming interviews are easier. Phew.


At 21:27, Blogger Carnivore said...

Well from what I have skimmed through Uncle Beal, I like what I have seen. I shall have to wander by another time.

Have a good day.


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