Thursday, June 29, 2006

A funny one: Making your boss a public spectacle

I saw this on Reuters and it's a fun tilt at the modern world. Many of us have worked for that one, really annoying ass. You know the one I'm thinking of here. That bomb throwing, foul tempered, know-it-all jerk that will leave no good deed unpunished?

How about the control freak who "wants you to show initiative," but explodes when you do something as radical as going to the bathroom without permission? Remember that one? No way I could work in Corporate America today: This story is a great example:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - The movie and best-selling book "The Devil Wears Prada" skewer a diabolical magazine editor, the popular blog "Anonymous Lawyer" parodies a top legal firm and a top editor dishes dirt in a behind-the-scenes book at the beauty industry.

All the dirty laundry being aired about less-than-happy workplaces might mean bullying bosses would think twice before berating their underlings. But experts and insiders say none of it will make a lick of difference."

Funny that even in the limelight, some people can't change. That was the part I found curious.


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