Thursday, June 15, 2006

Case Open Again, Netvocates

Cybersoc has been posting in detail about Netvocates. I first posted about them a week ago and the CEO even commented on my post which you can read here.

But I found some spooky stuff all over the place when I took a second look.

So I've decided to have a look at what other Internet Advocacy groups are out there. The list is intriguing:

Policy Link - Works with groups to focus internet advocacy (specialty areas include broad based internet topics. On the Policy Link Site, I was referred to:

Spin Project - Which aside from the O'Reillyesque overtone in the name, focuses on many advocacy avenues.

One frightening quote came from Blue State Digital: Which categorically lists in its "what we do" section, "Whether you're a company looking to turn customers into evangelists, a candidate looking to win an election, or an advocacy group trying to get your issue noticed, Blue State Digital can provide you with the best technology and strategy to win." - God save us from evangelists (pun intended), whatever their agenda. Don't we have enough blowhard robots already?

Then there are more:

Convio Advocacy - "Convio Advocacy has the online tools you need to increase constituent participation in advocacy campaigns. It helps you gather information about constituents' interests, history of interaction with your organization and other information so you can communicate more relevant information to them." AND "With Convio Advocacy, your organization can quickly generate email and Web site action alert notices for urgent issues. Activists can easily respond to action alerts online, or via fax or mail. Activists also can create, customize, and successfully deliver messages and petitions, as well as forward these messages to friends and family. Convio's legislative databases and delivery technologies ensure that activists quickly identify their target lawmakers and officials and that their messages are rapidly delivered." AND I'm not fond of EMAILS FROM "friends who care."

Capitol Advantage - Your friendly neighborhood web forum wizards (MY DESCRIPTION).

Get Active and Groundspring collect mounds of data to help clients with online advocacy.

And in case you were wondering, yes even the Lord Jesus Christ needs his market demos to get his message out. Uh, I was raised in church and I'm pretty sure that the good lord wasn't checking his poll numbers when he was pissing off Rome. Oh well, You can have a look at, which in the most splendid of ironies, greets you with a popup.

I Stand For, Kintera and Right Click round out the beginning of the list. But there are more, and I'm out of time. I think it's about time we told everyone to stuff their research. I just hope that I have some support spreading the word.

Case Open Again, Netvocates


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